Marketing Based on Regional Culture


In order to be successful in reaching your demographic, you really have to gain the trust of the people you are trying to attract. One of the best ways to gain trust in a prospective customer is to know their wants and needs better than they do themselves. You will also need to know how to communicate these kinds of things to them in an effective manner that is convincing. This can be especially difficult if you are in a location or region that you do not know well. Throughout the United States, there are different cultures that are not just based on ethnicity, but on the region itself. This microculture can be a result of historical influence, topographical influence, or some kind of influence that may be a little bit more obscure. It is up to you to figure out what method is the most effective depending on the region. We have compiled some of our thoughts and observations about different regions in the United States and cultural tendencies that they might have. This will hopefully be of some kind of use to you as you move forward with your marketing and advertising strategy.

Regional Tendencies

East Coast/Northeast

The East Coast and Northeast regions of the United States are very similar in the sense that the notion of community is slightly diminished. The emphasis and importance in life is often placed on individuality and accomplishing career goals. People tend to keep to themselves a little bit more on the East Coast. As a result, if you are looking for a marketing strategy, you will probably want to appeal to the notion of fast and efficient service. Friendly service is not necessarily on the top of the list of prioities for them.


Unlike the East Coast region, the South is all about hospitality and being friendly. It seems to be an unspoken duty and unwritten law in Southern culture to “treat ones neighbor as themselves.” This is useful information because you can find a way to market the hospitality and friendliness of a product or service. A tree service such as could be marketed as the “kindest tree service around” in advertisements in order to attract new customers. Another approach could be to appeal to the strong sense of tradition and history in the South. You might be able to include information on how old or established the company is to gain trust from prospective customers.

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